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Many people decide to purchase a pet on a whim but choosing a cat or a dog (here we’ll talk about cats) is a choice for many years in worries of joy and sadness. After all, a pet, like a person, can sometimes act outrageously, and sometimes get sick, and he cannot, like a person, get up and go to the doctor. All these concerns are taken by a person, only a person is responsible for his pet. Therefore, the first thing to do when choosing an pet is not to buy an animal at the moment when you suddenly want it.

Read on the Internet and think it over again, and if after that you are firmly convinced in your decision, proceed to the choice of your pet.

First step

It is entirely possible to narrow down your search for a pet by defining a list of requirements:

The temperament of the future pet.

Size of an adult cat.

Fur or its absence.

Having a pedigree.

Do not forget to take into account the financial possibilities of having children. If there are children in the family, pay attention to patient animals capable of friendly relations.

Fur length

Long-haired cats were at the peak of popularity a few years ago. Every second breeder dreamed of having a Persian or Angora cat. It should be borne in mind that soft luxurious wool requires constant care, otherwise it can create health problems for your pet. In addition, you will have to constantly vacuum carpets and sofas. Even in this group, there are breeds that are less demanding to care for, for example, Siberian cats. Their long coat is less tangled but will still need regular brushing. But most long-haired cats have a gentle disposition and love small children.

Short-haired pets also shed regularly and lose their bristle-like hairs. To minimize cleaning, you need to use a special brush or glove to comb out.

Hairless breeds will leave a minimum of wool. Rex, Peterbald and Sphynx are common in our country. Rex still has hair, but it is very short with no guard hairs. Their undercoat grows in soft curls or resembles astrakhan fur.

The owners will not even notice the molting of the above pets. However, there are certain nuances. For example, sphinxes need to be bathed regularly, as their skin releases a special substance – lubricant. If not properly cared for, there will be a smell, and oily stains will remain on sofas and chairs.

The nature of which cat is best suited for an apartment?

In the conditions of urban life, character and temperament can become determining factors. For this reason, it is difficult to keep a Siamese cat in a large family. She is affectionate to one owner and does not particularly favor the rest. It is difficult to tolerate loneliness and often resembles a dog in behavior.

Siberians are real hunters. They may experience bursts of increased activity. It is better to choose such breeds as: British Shorthair, Scottish, Sphynx, Persian, Russian Blue, Burmese. Growing up, any pet is active and can misbehave. However, with age, these cats will be sedate, wise and will not bother the owners.

Do not forget that regardless of breed, each cat has individual traits and even phobias.

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