A landslide in Wufeng, Hubei Province has left five injured and nine missing, prompting a provincial-level response to geological disasters

A hilltop landslide occurred at around 16:00 on July 8 in Yueshan village, Changleping Township, Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County, Hubei Daily reported. The landslide slid into the construction site of the second section of the first bid section of Yilai Expressway (located halfway up the landslide mountain), causing injuries and loss of contact.

After the accident, Yichang city and Wufeng County quickly organized on-site rescue. As of 23:00 on the 8th, after all-out search and rescue, 5 people have been rescued (one of them is in rescue, 4 are not in danger of life), and 9 people are missing.

Wang Menghui, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and Wang Zhonglin, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor, immediately made arrangements for rescue and disaster relief, calling for all-out efforts to organize search and rescue for the missing, to treat the injured, and to prevent secondary disasters. All parts of the province are required to learn lessons, draw lessons from one another, strictly implement the responsibility system, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

According to the arrangement of the provincial Party Committee, Wang Zhonglin, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor, Sheng Yuechun, vice governor, rushed to the scene to guide and organize rescue. As of press time, rescue work is still under way.

According to CCTV news client news, according to the “Hubei Province Emergency Plan for Sudden Geological Disasters” and relevant regulations, the Hubei Province Emergency Management Department decided to launch a provincial-level geological disaster response for Wufeng County from 23:00 on July 8, 2023.

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